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This is the official encyclopedia of Mari Courageous and The Wonder Kitty, a comic book superhero pair that stumble into many adventures. This is a comic book that runs in The Weekly Brahma, which is a south Texas school newspaper.

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Mari Courageous and The Wonder Kitty is a weekly serial comic that appears in The Weekly Brahma (publication) and follows the adventures of two 20-something would-be journalists that acquire "super powers" and their subsequent life dealing with their job, world affairs, super-villians, international plots and military matters.

The comic itself is a "spin off" of the popular "Ask Dr. Lola" cartoons that appeared initially in The Weekly Brahma in 2014. Unlike these cartoons, which usually are three panel "jokes" or "commentary" on political, social and economic issues, Mari Solinski and The Wonder Kitty is an episodic story that explores story elements such as plot, setting and a deeper exploration of the characters resulting in multidimensional characters.

Its two main characters, Mari Solinski and Zandra Niko, were originally based on two student journalists. Their adventures, while fictitious are designed to entertain and educate. As to the prior, plots are usually variations or combinations of plots from popular culture as well as classic literature.

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Issue #1: Origins- Edit

When two high school friends strike out into the real world with aspirations to be reporters, their life takes a wild turn as hard economic times force them to take menial jobs. After a chance encounter with a newspaper advice columnist, they get their foot in the door as mail room clerks. While following a story on their lunch break they embark on the adventure of a life time.

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